How ANS GPS TRACKNOLOGY system can help to Transportation & Logistics business

In the transportation and logistics business GPS & GPS Technology today extends further than just a tool to help drivers to navigate from locations. with the advancement in mobile technology & mobile apps for logistics mobility solutions. GPS technology has fully transformed the transportation industry. They are mobile app developer that can hand you advanced GPS vehicle tracking system that include business-effectual tools required by your business and cutomer needs



Whereabouts of Given Vehicle

If you run a business that operates through a fleet of vehicles, it is important to have information about the whereabouts of any given vehicle at any time.

Record of Vehicle Location

The most basic use of ANS GPS vehicle tracking software is to keep a record of your vehicle’s location are on the map. This enables you to see which vehicle is in motion and towards which direction.

Monitoring of speed/Route or many things

With GPS tracking technology, you can monitor vehicle speed, routes, engine start-up and shut down, idling and routes.

Vehicle Position - Resting/Running

You will come to know whether the vehicle is going to the assigned destination, the routes were taken, and when the vehicle is resting.


ANS GPS Tracking system enables the development of logistics mobility solution to help to take control and monitor fleet vehicles with many of the benefits. With ANS Tracking system, see where your equipment is and where your workers are with the real-time asset tracking dashboard making it easy to schedule asset delivery, pick up, and maintenance with greater efficiency. And with built-in tools such as geofencing, you’ll know exactly when an asset leaves its designated area.

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